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Welcome to the Earth's Kids KID'S CLUB for parents and educators!   This is the place for grown-ups to find more information about the benefits of connecting kids with nature, ideas for related activities and Eco Challenges, including Family Nature Walks.    You can even learn how to start your own Earth's Kids KIDS CLUB  chapter where you live, or learn about existing chapters in your area.   Email us for more info!

The emphasis of the KIDS CLUB is on connecting kids with positive experiences with nature and wild spaces.   A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that kids who spend more time in nature are healthier, more mentally focused, and happier!  And we also know that kids who love and value nature are more likely to grow up to be adults who value and safeguard wild spaces and wild creatures. 

Studies and copious anecdotal evidence suggest that the best ways for children to connect with nature are through:

unstructured play in natural settings and
an age-appropriate formal or informal guided introduction to wild creatures, plant life, and open spaces that models the art of the naturalist -- i.e. taking time to really notice and understand the wonder, complexity, and joy that is our natural heritage.   Such teaching should ideally allow the child or youth to drink the experience in, through all their senses.  It should also allow the individual to connect with nature on a deep feeling level.

Family nature walks are an ideal way to provide this experience.  And we have found that family walks with friends are more enjoyable for children and adults.  We chat, make friends, and share each others knowledge and enthusiasm.   Children also benefit in many ways from...
 taking meaningful constructive action, however small, that nurtures a sense of optimism, responsibility, and teaches the value of creative problem solving.  Through our handouts and online materials for families, we also seek to help kids master simple yet useful Eco Challenges skills that enhance their feeling of competence and their awareness of green living principles.  Service projects are strongly encouraged, especially for teens.   

Emphasis too is placed on learning and practicing simple ethical behavior: treat others as you would like to be treated; take only pictures, leave only footprints.  Participants discover new dimensions of self through engaging in new experiences, making new friends, and exploring new ways of thinking about their world.   For more information email

Do you Facebook?  The Earth's Kids KID CLUB Facebook page is chalk full of interesting nature facts, fun photos, activity ideas and links:

Articles For Further Reading:

Connecting Kids with Nature:
The Hidden Benefits of Unstructured Outdoor Play

Discover how making time, and places, for children's unstructured outdoor play can implement a wide array of positive effects on children's emotional, social, intellectual, and physical health.

As seen at our Eco Fair booth.  Here is a printable handout version that you may share with friends and family.  (pdf)

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Nature & Brain Development

Learn more about how time spent in nature promotes healthy brain development in young children.  Discover simple tips to help kids enjoy time spent in Nature, including how to talk to kids and have "teachable moments"!  Also includes parent suggested ideass for adding more nature experiences to your daily life -- without long car trips.  (pdf)

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Places To Go With Kids

Our printable resource for families in the South San Francisco Bay area.  Includes many outdoor adventures, with new ones being added.  What's your favorite place to go for outdoor fun? (pdf)  For our live Places To Go web pages, click here.
Recommended Books

A listing of some of our favorite books for children and adults to help connecting kids with nature.  Even more book suggestions may be found by surfing the pages of this website.  
Activities & Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day
Eco Challenges and other activities for Earth Day, or any day.

Please note, we are working on additional, and more in depth, printable Eco Challenge ideas.  But for now, use this guide as a great place to start!

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Service Projects for Kids

Whether they are out to change the world, save the environment, or just tackle the daily challenges of growing up, kids and teens can benefit from the sense of competency and self-confidence that comes from engaging in a service project. Plus, community service is a great way to build life experience, potential job skills, and to build an impressive resume that will come in handy when they are applying for jobs, scholarships, and college admissions. Click here for a listing of many different types of service projects that a family, school, or KIDS CLUB chapter might do. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions or to let us know how your service project went.  For additional ideas see Giving Service In Your Community.

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School Gardens: How to Get Started

Kids spend so much of their day at school.  Doesn't it makes sense to find ways to re-infuse nature into the school environment?  This article will help you get the logistical information to make a great proposal.



Got questions?  Send us some mail!


Recommended Books for Parents & Teachers:

Last Child in the Woods:  Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

by Richard Louv

This is the seminal work that launched the grass roots movement to reconnect children and nature.

Breathtaking in the scope of its exploration and vision -- and in the sheer quantity and power of the scientific evidence cited.

Strongly recommended for any KIDS CLUB  chapter leader or for teachers and others  seeking to bring nature back into the school or preschool experience!

(Order from or check your local library.)

Sharing Nature with Children. Joseph Cornell. As Joseph Cornell�s classic book reached its 20th anniversary, Cornell drew upon a wealth of experience in nature education to significantly revise and expand his book. New nature games�favorites from the field - and Cornell's typically insightful commentary makes the second edition of this special classic even more valuable to nature lovers world-wide. The Sharing Nature movement that Cornell pioneered has now expanded to countries all over the globe. Recommended by Boy Scouts of America, American Camping Association, National Audubon Society and many others.


Sharing Nature with Children II. Joseph Cornell. A wonderful explanation and exploration of his �Flow Learning� concept. Flow learning recognizes the challenge of getting kids and teens to settle down, settle in, and achieve the engaged and attentive focus that helps kids really see what is around them, work well with others, and build connections between concepts and the real world in which they are immersed. It also allows a deep-feeling connection with the natural world, what the great naturalist John Muir often described as the most profound spiritual experience. We can�t emphasize enough how valuable this book is to anyone seeking to lead children on nature walks in the group setting. Includes activity ideas. Scouts of America, American Camping Association, National Audubon Society and many others. � 


101 Nature Activities for Kids. Jane Sanborn. Elizabeth Rundle. 101 Nature Activities for Kids is a one-stop shop for anyone who is seeking a perfect and memorable nature activity for their group. The authors generously share their unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in nature education and in helping others learn while having fun. The book provides practical, field-tested, hands-on activities and challenges that are designed to be used in any outdoor location from Maine to California, and most of them are appropriate for a backyard or city park, as well as for the forest, a meadow, or the beach. In general, the activities do not need a lot of equipment or much preparation time.


Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation. Sharon Gamson Danks. With this book, Danks broadens our notion of what a well-designed schoolyard should be, taking readers on a journey from traditional, ordinary grassy fields and asphalt, to explore the vibrant and growing movement to "green" school grounds in the United States and around the world. This book documents exciting green schoolyard examples from almost 150 schools in 11 countries, illustrating that a great many things are possible on school grounds when they are envisioned as outdoor classrooms for hands-on learning and play.

Nature's Playground: Activities, Crafts, and Games to Encourage Children to Get OutdoorsFiona Danks and Jo Schofield. Introducing children to the excitement of the natural world, this guide to outdoor adventure provides hours of creative, safe, and fun activities. Children will learn how to build a den from branches, make twig boats to sail across a pond, and voyage through the backyard to find tiny insects and creatures. Activities include invigorating games, natural crafts, and lively adventures, all of which are organized by season. An additional chapter also addresses safe activities for children after dark. Perfect for families, caretakers, and educators, this creative resource encourages children to turn off the television and play outside all year round. 

The Jumbo Book of Outdoor Art   Irene Luxbacher. An attractive, colorful compilation of art projects. Four major sections (Digging Deep, Going Green, It's All Elemental, and Fertile Ground) each contain more than a dozen activities and/or experiments. Good-quality illustrations and photos bring these ideas to life. An introduction discusses how to start a nature collection; respecting the environment; trying new tools, techniques, and materials; staying safe; and having fun. Most of the projects can be completed in 5 to 12 steps with materials either purchased at an art-supply or novelty store, or found outside. Topics include marbling, frozen patterned paper, flower prints, bubble painting, rock research, and ancient art. Children will polish their creative skills with a wide variety of artistic experiences, such as a secret garden, silly sprouts, terrific topiaries, beautiful batik, super spider's web, weathervanes, great flowing fountain, sparkling ice chandeliers, and more.



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