Welcome to the Wild Animal page!   "Wild animals are a fascinating and joy-inspiring part of our world. We can learn so much by studying them and learning more about the habitats, food webs, and social communities to which they belong. Did you know that many different kinds of scientists study animals -- to learn more about the human world? It's true!

Ecologists learn about human kind's place in the fragile web of life by studying the needs and health of the animals (and plants) that share our planet. Meanwhile, psychologists and anthropologists learn about human evolution, social bonding, reproductive drives and much more by studying the habits and anatomy of non-human, animal relatives (both distant and near). Even medical doctors learn from animals by studying their venoms, bacteria, self-healing abilities and so on in an effort to unlock new ways to heal the human body.  

bear2But as the great naturalist John Muir taught us, animals -- and in fact all of our natural world -- offer another kind of benefit as well. And that is that quiet time spent out in nature, observing wildlife, has the power to uplift the human spirit. The beauty, courage, and tenderness of animals touches us.

And outdoors, surrounded by the wonder of nature, a sense of quite joy, of wonder, wells up inside us. For a moment, we simply ARE. Perhaps we even notice that our human mind, with all it's busy thoughts, is not the only important force in the world. Life itself, flowing from a power greater than ourselves, is at work all around us. And we are a part of that Life.

 We invite you to spend more time with the animals. Visit a wildlife preserve. Play with your pet. Observe the animals that live in the zoo. Observe with your heart as well as your mind. See what you find out.   Listed below are a good many resources to help your learn more about your favorite animals. Be sure to also visit our page on Saving the Environment to find out what you can do to help endangered animal species and to preserve the habitats of those who are not endangered (yet).  

  Great Games!

Online Learning...


Animals A to Zoo

Animal facts from Animal Planet!  This multimedia site includes sound bytes, pictures, text, and documentary clips to help you learn about each kind of animal.


Animals & Nature, from National Geographic

Here's a great place to look up fascinating and accurate info on all your favorite animals!  Offers A to Z creature features, plus news and stories, incredible photos, and wallpaper for your computer.  You can even use their Local Wildlife Guides to find out about native plant and animal species in your area.  (Just enter your zip code.) Printable coloring pages as well.


Animal Biology & Animal Behavior

Suited to older students, this is an excellent collection of articles, web pages, and breaking news on a wide variety of topics related to animal behavior and biology.   Lots of unusual links.


Animal Names

You may have heard of a wolf "pack" or a dolphin "pod", but what about an "army" of frogs or a "skulk" of foxes?  Learn the names for all kinds of animal groups -- as well as what to call the male and female of each species, and their offspring.


Creatures of the Deep

In the fathomless depths of the ocean, where it's so far from the surface that even can't penetrate, live bizarre creatures with adaptations so strange they seem like science fiction.  Part of the Extreme Science website.


E-Species Fact Sheets

From Kids Planet, this site features fact sheets on a broad array of animals, arranged by continent!



Elephant Walk
 Written by Jean Craighead George, Illustrated by Anna Vojtech



All about Elephants.  Learn what distinguishes the African elephant from the Asian elephant and much more.


Endangered Animals!

This site by the American Museum of Natural History presents an online exhibition showing various endangered animals, the reasons for the problem, an informative fact sheet on each animal species, as well as some fun pages with legends and coloring.  There's even information on endangered habitats, such as coral reefs, the Olympic Peninsula, Madagascar, and the Kapuas River region of Borneo.

Frog Facts

Learn about the difference between frogs and toads, meet some really strange and wacky frog species, and find out all about the life cycle and adaptations of different frog types.  Part of the great Frog Land site with lots of cool frog photos.

More Frog Facts, Fun & Links
from the Exploratorium


Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Joy Cowley. Illustrated with photographs by Nic Bishop. Scholastic Press. 32pp.  

Gator Hole

<This is useful site for learning about the various creatures that make up the family crocodilian.  Great facts and links, plus myth busting!  Photographs illustrate the differences between the various crocs and gators.  Great for school reports.


Gorilla Foundation

A great place to learn about gorillas, including Koko, the gorilla who can speak to us in sign language.  You can actually watch online footage of Koko signing, plus view other interesting online videos.   Now you can also check out KOKO'S KIDS CLUB, with facts and images especially for younger gorilla fans!

See also:

The Dian Fossey Gorrilla Fund

Help continue Dian Fossey's legendary work to save the mountain gorilla.   Adopt your own gorilla and be a long distance gorilla foster parent.   You will get a special profile on your gorilla and a framed photo.  Visit the site to learn more or to learn what else you can do to help these very special animals.  (Be sure to visit the Gorilla Foundation web site for even more about gorillas.)


Great Sites About Animals

Hosted by the American Library Association, this site features a listing of high quality educational sites about animals.  (Check out their other link topics too, like history and geology.)  Be sure to check out their special listing of pages devoted to sharks!


Grizzly Bear Pictures
& Video

Visit the Grizzly People website to learn interesting facts and join the effort to preserve this magnificent creature and its habitat.


Infrared Zoo

Infrared light shows us the heat radiated by the world around us. By viewing animals with a thermal infrared camera, we can actually "see" the differences between warm and cold-blooded animals. Infrared also allows us to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate animals. Check the images on the Infrared Zoo to see for yourself!

To learn more about infrared, visit the Cool Cosmos.


Kip and Co.

Kip the koala welcomes you down under to Australia, mate!  Join Kip to learn Aussie animal facts, play games, read a story, or do some coloring.


Kratt's Creatures

Visit the website for this fun PBS kids' nature show.   Learn about animals, play games, and checkout the episode guides for the show.


National Wildlife Federation

The quickest way to take action for the environment.  This site features news in the world of wildlife conservation and environmental issues, and highlights specific actions you can take -- right now -- to help with wetlands preservation, ending government funded harm to the environment, and urging government to take positive action on behalf of wildlife.  Be sure to check out their cool stuff for kids including their excellent action tips.  (Be sure to check out Green Home.


Panda Cam  

Courtesy of the San Diego Zoo.  Check in and see what the pandas are up to.  Then visit their Panda Central to find out fun panda facts and photos.  Be sure to check out there Animal Bytes to learn more about your other favorite animal species.


Giant Pandas   Written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons.  32pp. This fascinating book provides factual information about giant pandas. It is an introduction to the physical characteristics, behavior, life cycle, and habitat of these endangered animals. Colorful illustrations accompany the text.



Sounds of the World's Animals

Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French! Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals.


The Tiger Information Center

This is the place to view and learn about tigers.  Tiger facts, fun games, tiger photos and art, plus conservation info and the latest research, news and discoveries.


Turtle Trax   Updated!

Learn about sea turtles!


Wildlife Search

A great listing of sites with interesting animal information.


Worm World

Voted the Yuckiest site on the web -- but in a good way -- Worm World has interesting facts about worms and their role in the ecosystem.


Animals of the World

This site combines great guessing games with fun animal trivia.  For example, did you know that some kinds of fish give birth to live baby fish -- from eggs that hatch inside the mother's body?


Animal Planet Games

Lots of interactive fun here with puzzles, matching games, animal mahjong, and more.

Bat Games and Puzzles

Play the echolocation game, try some fun crosswords and word searches, and do some puzzles -- you're just getting started with this fun site that's all about bats.


Create Your Own Adventure

Just pick a story to start your own personalized adventure!

Creature Adventure

Read the clues to decide if the creature described is a real animal...or not!


D.K. Nature Clip Art

Love the illustrations in those DK educational books?  Check out their free clip art!  These are the super high quality, eye-popping illustrations that you would expect from DK...and totally free!  Great for illustrating school reports or art projects.  This clip art can be used at home or school, but not for commercial purposes.


Photo: Baby sealNational Geographic
Games for Kids

Interactive Adventures, the Cartoon Factory, funny fill-in the blanks stories and photo gags plus mazes, quizzes, word searches,  photo guessing games, and more. 


NATURE Puzzles, Games, and Activities

Fun interactive games and puzzles plus interesting nature facts!  Sponsored by PBS.


OWLkids Online

Surf this site for fun games for ages 3-13.  Chirp for preschoolers, ChickaDEE  for elementary, and OWL for middle school kids!

Ranger Rick's Animal Games

Download Macromedia Shockwave!

Fish Food

Termite Maze

Bird Brains



Matching Apes

Matching Fish

Tree Frog


Switcheroo Zoo
Download Macromedia Shockwave!

Combine the parts of regular wild animals to make up your own wacky new animals in this wonderfully silly online game.  Will it be a Zebraphant, or a Pigtah?


Wild Games!

Online fun from Kid's Planet!  Puzzles and matching games and more.

Yucky Fun Games

Play X-Terminate and Toxic Waste and try unusual activities


Zoboomafoo Games

Zoboo Land, Creature Karaoke, Feature Creature, and more fun based on this popular PBS nature show for young children.





















lesson plans


Animal Adaptation Scavanger Hunt

This printable worksheet asks kids to find an animal that has the adaptation in the picture (such as stripes or claws) and list the species, where it lives, and how the adaptation helps! From the Birmingham Zoo.


Vanishing Animals

Use this research sheet on your next zoo visit or to research an endangered animal online from home.  From the Birmingham Zoo.


Who Am I?

Read the clues and visit the zoo -- or do some research online -- to figure out which animals the clues describe.  You'll learn some interesting animal facts along the way.  From the Birmingham Zoo.


Animal Worksheets

Letter tracing, mazes, matching games, and word search.  From Billy Bear.  Preschool through 1st grade.


Animal Body Parts Lesson Plan

Includes printable worksheets and game cards.  Elementary and middle school.


Animal Printouts

Worksheets, Coloring Pages, and more from Enchanted Learning.  (Some require membership.)  Also hosts online coloring pages.

Animal Crafts and Coloring

From DLTK, this site features an A-Z listing of different craft activities:  puppets, masks, coloring, holiday decorations, and more.  Great for preschool crafts projects.

Preschool Animal Crafts & Activities


Lesson Plan Library from DiscoverySchool.com


Oviparous Animals lesson ideas.


Egg and Embryo Development









More science fun and learning ...

E.K. Science -- Lots of links, books, and equipment to help kids learn astronomy, physics, chemistry, and more.

Environmental Science -- Learn about the importance of keeping ecological systems in balance!


Oceans & Marine Life


Your Body -- Learn how your body works, and how to keep it healthy!

Grow A Garden -- Learn important principles in Earth Science by preparing the soil, sprouting seeds, growing plants to bloom or fruition, and coping with pests.

Dinosaurs -- Great info, links, books, and educational toys about these favorite prehistoric creatures.

Holiday Fun & Learning -- Science ideas for the different seasons and holidays.  Learning about plant science, eggs, fireworks and more.


Also see Curriculum




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