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Lesson Plans

Teaching About Ecology with The Magic School Bus

Planet Earth 

Oil Slick

Transboundary Pollution

The Earth's Treasures


You Make A Difference

Keeping Our Community Clean
(4-5 year olds)


How Animals Adapt to their Environment

What Lives in the Water


Cave Animals

Conflict Yellowstone Wolves

Ocean Creatures & The Web of Life

Seed Travels

Discovering Science in Nature
(general ideas)

Activities for classrooms
by the National Wildlife Federation

Lesson Plans Related To The Environment


What Makes Up An Ecosystem

Earth Saving Scavenger Hunt


Earth Day, Every Day Unit Study







Food Web Links


The Web of Life

A great online illustrated story for kids.  Read one page at a time -- remember to click the "Next" at the top of each page to read the next story.


Antarctic Whales -- Food Chain

Baleen whales, leopard seals, penguins, phytoplankton -- see how it all fits together.


Food Chains & Webs

Take a look at the energy pyramid.  See how food chains work in different biomes.  Plus... create your own food web!


Chain Reaction

Play the food chain game!  Learn about bioaccumulation.


The Living Sea -- Predator and Prey

A fun activity to help kids see the connections that make up an ocean food web.








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I Want to Be an Environmentalist


Your Big Backyard

Ranger Rick





Earth Day, Every Day Unit Study




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Science Equipment

An offering of select materials to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of nature

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QX3 Microscope

Forget peering through a tiny little eyepiece -- the QX3 shows you the image right on your computer screen.  Imagine a huge full color image and the capacity to take still photo shots and movies. 

You can even modify your captured images to make a fun animated short film complete with sound bytes. 

Hook this baby to your laptop computer and turn your next homeschool fieldtrip into an outdoor science lab excursion.

You can take the microscope off its cradle stand to scan the surface of large items-- or to scan fixed objects and organisms.  Look at tree bark up close or examine a spider web without ever having to disturb or destroy a thing.

Available from eToys


Educational Toys & Science Equipment available from Edmund Scientifics

The Brilliant Earth Poster

In this nocturnal satellite map, heavily populated areas are evident due to electric lighting in buildings and other structures.

Invite friends to locate New York City and other major cities around the world. -- The Brilliant Earth makes an interesting statement about the impact of man on earth. 36" x 24". Laminated


Edmund Scientifics Illuminated 30X Pocket Microscope

Pocket Microscope
measures 5" long x 1" wide. Powered by two �AA� batteries (not included). Features a clear acrylic base, on/off switch and side focus knob.   Specifications: Magnification: 30X  


20x/40x Stereomicroscope

For serious students of the environment.


Multifunction Digital Compass

Multifunction Digital Compass


An excellent quality compass. -- Liquid-filled with bubble level, clinometer, map scales, carrying case, and multi-language instruction manual. -- Dial has 5 degree (0-360) gradations, compass disc has 2 degree gradations. Hairline guide is on a gradated reticle. Compass has a mounting bracket for tripod use


Liquid-Filled Compass From Silva

Liquid Filled Compass


Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion
comes with butterfly fact book and coupon for 10 free "painted lady" caterpillars and special growth food.  For ages 4+ $29.95


Field Journal
Attractive, well-made, soft-cover book specifically designed for children. Carefully organized into sections for note writing and sketches using prompts that help young journalists record their impressions, discoveries, thoughts, ideas and questions regarding the world of nature.


AntWorks - Space Age Ant Habitat

Space Age Ant Habitat
Kids can watch ants create 3D tunnels! Now available at

Supersonic� Ear II Electronic Listening Device

Supersonic Ear
Electronic listening device makes it possible to listen in on wildlife, in the backyard and on hikes.


Smithsonian Complete Weather Station

Smithsonian Complete Weather Station
Includes a anemometer to measure wind speed, a wind vane for determining wind direction, indoor and outdoor thermometers, a rain gauge to chart rainfall, a data log pad to jot down research notes, a full color cloud chart, instruction manual and more.

Solar Electricity Kit

Build a Solar Power Demonstrator! -- This kit consists of an encapsulated solar cell array, a miniature motor, a wind propeller, an optical illusion disc, and an instruction manual.

With these components and the included instructions, you can study the impact of artificial light versus sunlight and learn the basic principles of solar cell energy generation.



More EK Science


Dinosaurs -- Great info, links, books, and educational toys about these favorite prehistoric creatures.

E.K. Science -- Lots of links, books, and equipment to help kids learn astronomy, physics, chemistry, and more.

Your Body -- Learn how your body works, and how to keep it healthy!

Grow A Garden -- Learn important principles in Earth Science by preparing the soil, sprouting seeds, growing plants to bloom or fruition, and coping with pests.

Oceans & Marine Life


Wild Animals   -- E.K. Zoological Science

Science News -- Today's top science headlines and news, plus online science magazines.


Science Pages By EK Kids:

Michelle's Animal Facts

Gabbi's Bug World  









 Below you'll find more Earth's Kids pages to help you learn more about nature and to help you take action for the environment

Be sure to surf the rest of this page for our Enviro Links-- as well as lesson plans and an offering of books and science equipment to help you learn more about the environment and the delicate relationships between living creatures and their habitats.

Learn more about...


  •  Oceans & Marine Life (including fish, whales, coral reefs, seals, dolphins and other creatures) and what you can do to help.


  • Global Warming -- what's going on, and what we can all do.  Learn more about this critical environmental issue.  Contains a summary, recent news, common myths and how to debunk them, useful articles, plus links for teachers, kids, and anyone else willing to learn more.  Find out how to email the President!





 Solar energy products at Scientificsonline


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