Scientists currently estimate that the ancestors of human beings began wobbling  around on two legs about 5 million years ago.   This seems like a very long time ago indeed until you consider that the last of the dinosaurs died 60 million years earlier.   This means that dinosaurs have been gone from the Earth 12 times longer than humanoid creatures have been in existence!

 If this thought does not sufficiently boggle your mind, trying contemplating the fact that the Age of the Dinosaurs itself spanned nearly 150 million years .   Which means, the human race is a mere fledgling species compared to the noble race of of creatures we call dinosaurs.  That's right, if current theories are correct, we're just babies on this Earth!

While the Age of Dinosaurs graced the Earth for an incredibly long time, the name "dinosaurs" has only been around for about 160 years.   In fact it was not until 1841 that Sir Richard Owen gave the name "dinosaur" (meaning "terrible lizard") to the strange reptile-like creatures whose fossilized remains were being unearthed by his fellow British scientists.   The startling finds had begun with a creature soon named "Iguanodon" ("iguana tooth") in 1820, and were soon followed by "Megalosaurus" and "Hylaeosaurus". 

Considering that the first dinosaur finds were made by accident, it seems reasonable to assume that this was not the first time human beings had unearthed the remains of dinosaurs.  And if people in other lands and times did make such discoveries, what do you suppose they thought they'd found?  Could such bones have been the origins of dragon legends?

But before we begin feeling smug about our own knowledge of dinosaurs, it's important to understand that modern scientists are still struggling to completely understand these amazing creatures.  And in fact, many of our earlier "facts" about dinosaurs have recently turned out to be false!  For example, despite the name "terrible lizards", we now know that many dinosaurs had more in common with birds than with lizards -- both in the shape and the structure of their skeletons and in the fact that they may have been warm blooded!

Of course, just how many dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded -- if any -- is still a topic open to debate. Scientists are always making new discoveries about dinosaurs, both through unearthing new fossils and through re-thinking old theories. To find out more about what's going on in the world of dinosaur science, check out the books and links below.



Be sure to check out our links to great dinosaur themed activity pages!






An extensive reference resource with information on nearly every dinosaur ever discovered.


The most complete dinosaur dictionary on the web.  This is a wonderful reference for all ages. Features an alphabetic listing of dinosaurs (including the latest discoveries) with a key to pronunciation, all the statistics, where the species has been found, and a handy visual comparison that shows the creature's size relative to a human being.  It even tells you what period the dinosaur lived in and to what order, suborder, infraorder, and family it belonged.


The Dino Directory  

A guide to 129 of the most well-described dinosaurs.  Offers more than 500 pictures.  Search dinosaurs by country, time period, body shape, or alphabetical listing. Explains the difference between dinosaurs and other similar seeming creatures like archosaurs and pterosaurs.  Sponsored by London's Natural History Museum.



The place to go for the latest breaking news in the world of dinosaur discoveries!


Dinosaur News from New Scientist.com

Excellent source of information on the latest discoveries and theories about dinosaurs.  Good source for book reviews for dinosaur related books for adult readers or advanced students.



From Discovery.com -- the folks who bring you the Discovery Channel. Updated links plus interesting articles and pictures on dinosaurs. Type in your zip code and find out which dinosaurs lived in your backyard! We found nodosaurus lived in our neighborhood!


Dinosaurs A to Z

Fun activities and information for preschoolers and elementary students.  Games, puzzles, fun facts, and unit studies.


The Dinosauria

Information about what is a dinosaur...and what is not. Links as well.  Offers some nice links as well as information on related topics such as explanations and definitions of various epochs and eras (such as the Cenozoic).



Dinosaur Eggs! 

Presented by National Geographic, this site is full of interesting info about fossilized eggs and those who hunt them.

Dinosaur Fact or Fiction

Sponsored by the USGS, this site offers brief, straight-forward answers to the most commonly asked questions about dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Fossils

From the Canadian Museum of Nature.

The Dinosaur Hall of the National Museum of Natural History 

Nice photos from the Smithsonian.


Dol Dinosaur Ominipedia

An excellent place for more advanced dinosaur students to look up all kinds of interesting material.  Part of Dinosauria On-Line


Even more advanced dino details can be surfed to through The Dinosauricon


Fighting Dinosaurs

From the American Museum of Natural History, this is a gorgeous online exhibition which features the best preserved and scientifically most important dinosaur fossils (and other ancient animal fossils) from Mongolia's Gobi Desert.

Site of Historic 1858 Dinosaur Find

Learn about the discovery of the first dinosaur fossils in the United States -- a discovery that supposedly "rocked the world".

Walking In Their Footsteps....

  Will human beings go the way of the dinosaurs? Find out what you can do to change our future. Food for thought for Earth's Kids -- of all ages. 

What Were Dinosaurs

An inroad into the excellent Dinosaur Site by Nomad. Very readable, nice pictures, great info. Don't forget to check out her links page, for more dino sites.

More Dino Links

From about.com, a real treasure trove of links to explore.


Crazy about Dinosaurs?  Ever wish you could have lived among the great beasts?  Then check the official website of Dinotopia!   Created by the imagination of author James Gurney, the Dinotopia series has delighted readers for years -- and is now available on DVD as a deliciously long movie/miniseries. 

Besides being entertaining, Dinotopia has a thing or two to teach about getting along with others and respecting ourselves and all that is around us -- read the Code of Dinotopia.  Remember, "One raindrop raises the sea"!


Learn About Dinosaurs   Scholastic.com

Great learning activities centered around dinosaurs!  Writing projects, dino science, and online games.



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Even More  Dinosaur Goodies...

Check out these toys and science kits:



Excavate your own 70 million year old Pteranodon fossil. Inside this box sits a slab of sedimentary rock. Within the rock is a replica of a 70 million year old Pteranodon fossil, one of the largest of the flying reptiles (Pteranodons were not dinosaurs).. Using the included excavation tools, you carefully dig through the rock and just like a real scientist - discover the fossilized remains. Match the pieces and glue them together, then restore your prehistoric find with the included paint and brushes and proudly display. Measures 12" x 9" / 29 x 22 cm. Includes excavation block, excavation tool, 2 brushes, 2 paint tablets, instructions. Glue is required but not included. 

12 piece Large Assorted Dinosaurs - Toys 5-7" Larger Size Dinosaur Figures

12 piece Large Assorted Dinosaurs
  5-7" Larger Size Dinosaur Figures  

Set of 12 realistic toy dinosaur figures. For ages 3 years and up. Set may include Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus,Spinosaurus, Plesiosaur, Stegosaurus, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus.  At $9.88, a great value! 




Animal Planet Jumbo Dino Playset

This popular playset comes with a gorgeous full color play mat and and over 10 toy model dinosaurs, each with it's name printed on the bottom.  Also includes trees, rocks and two volcanoes. Not surprisingly this set is a huge hit with kids ages 3 to 11.  What's more, it exercises the imagination while teaching science concepts. 


Totally Dinosaurs

Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex! -- by Dennis Schatz -- Totally Dinosaurs is a fascinating 32-page full-color book that describes what life was like in the days of the dinosaurs. It includes 46 mix-and-match pieces (bones) that let you assemble five different dinosaurs.  (From Amazon.com)



Deluxe Triassic Triops

Looking for that perfect new pet and just haven't found it? Or maybe you already have one, but need a friendly companion for it. Look no further! The Deluxe Triassic Triops kit provides you with your very own prehistoric crustaceans...just what you have been looking for. The triops is a 3-eyed creature that grows up to 3 inches in length. -- If you think that sounds  perfect,  imagine how great a whole herd of them will be!

With the Deluxe Triassic Triops kit, you will receive everything you need to raise 20-30 of these unique creatures. The eggs will hatch within 18-48 hours of receiving your kit and have a typical life span of 20 to 90 days. -- The kit comes with a tank that measures 11" x 6 1/4" x 4 1/2". It includes 20-30 triops eggs, dark beads, gravel, a nutrient pack, fossil replica, food, magnifying ruler, and a booklet full of experiments. A gallon of distilled water, a gallon of spring water and artificial light are required but not included. Don't forget, keep your experiment going longer with the Triops Refill Package. 


Want more? Surf these great resources:





  • visit Dinosauria for beautiful fossil reproductions (Sabre Tooth Cat skull, etc.)  by Skullduggery.


Dinosaur Activity Pages:


Iguanodon Counting Worksheet
Count and color the iguanodons.
PreK - 2nd Grade
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat Required
Download/View File ]
Mar 15, 2004, 20:38 PST

Triceratops Counting Worksheet
Count the triceratops. Color the correct number.
PreK - Grade 2
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required

Mar 15, 2004, 20:24 PST

Dinosaur Counting III
Count and color the dinosaurs.
PreK - 2nd Grade
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required

Mar 15, 2004, 20:18 PST


Dinosaur Counting II
Color and count the dinosaurs.
PreK - 2nd Grade
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required

Mar 15, 2004, 20:13 PST

Dinosaur Counting Worksheet
Count the dinosaurs.
PreK - 2nd Grade
PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required
Download/View File ]
Mar 15, 2004, 20:06 PST

Dinosaur Addition
Add the dinosaurs to practice basic addition.
Preschool - 2nd grade.
PDF format- Adobe Acrobat required.
Download/View File ]
Mar 15, 2004, 19:53 PST



Dinosaur Activity Ideas for young children.  Submit your own and get inspiration from others.

Dinosaur Themed Activity Ideas for preschool/kindergarten from The Activity Idea Place.

Dinosaurs and Extinct Animals    Preschool/kindergarten activities and crafts. Includes the dinosaur alphabet coloring pages, book tie-ins, and crafts.

Dinosaur Themed Printable Sheets    Sheets are for such activities as story planning, doing a survey of most popular dinosaur, making a bar graph. Creative writing ideas also.

Dino Hunt  An internet scavenger hunt to teach research skills.

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle  Test your dino knowledge.

Dinosaur Word Search 

Dinosaur Thematic Lesson Plan Ideas

Dinosaur Crafts from Enchanted Learning



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