Social Sciences:
Where Did We Come From & Where Are We Going?

Archaeology, history, geography, & cultural anthropology



Over the years human beings have discovered one simple fact:  it's very difficult to understand the consequences that may come from the choices you make right now...if you don't know anything about history.  Whether you are learning about the history of your country, of civilization, the human species -- or just your own family -- understanding the past can help you understand what's going on right now with much more clarity.

But making good choices also requires us to know what our options are!  How will you know what job to train for, what laws to vote for, or what part of the country to live in if you know nothing about the world around you?

The social sciences, or "social studies" as they are sometimes called, is aimed at teaching us just these things.  Find out about your community, your Constitution, and your place on planet Earth -- so you can take good care of yourself as an adult, and help take good care of the Earth.


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Printable Worksheets & Coloring Pages


American Symbols


The City I Live In


Coloring Pages -- U.S. History & Geography

This site features dozens of  coloring sheets with pictures of American presidents and flags.  


Coloring Pages -- U.S. States & Symbols

Just click on a state to see coloring pages for the state, flag, bird, etc.  Also has U.S. regions. Print as a black and white image to color by hand, or colorize online and then print.  See also their Famous Americans.  


Countries of Africa Word Search


Geography Crossword Puzzle


48 Contiguous States worksheet


Map Skills 2


Map Skills


State Capitals Word Search - three puzzles


States, Capitals, and Abbreviations - 3 review sheets


U.S. Rivers - word search puzzle


What State Am I? - #1

series of state worksheets

What State Am I? - #2




California & tHE wEST


California Indigenous Native American Tribes


California Mission History 

The 16th Century was a period of discovery. Europe was emerging into the Renaissance and there was a renewed sense of excitement about what lay beyond the Oceans. Europeans and the people of Asia had started a rich trade route, but it was dangerous and took several months to travel to Asia and back. Spain also wanted to make their country bigger. Since Europe was already filled with countries and people, the King decided to expand his country by colonizing, moving Spanish citizens, into areas of the New World.  READ MORE...


Gold Fever! 

In the cities and towns of the East, it seemed almost like wartime. Thousands of men left their homes and families behind and headed for California. Women moved in with relatives or fended for themselves. Children wrote letters to their faraway fathers and waited impatiently for them to come home. It was 1849, and the California Gold Rush had begun. READ MORE...


The California Gold Rush 

Links to online exhibits, important dates, plus locations for great field trips.



Just For Educators

From the American Anthropological Association.  Great links to useful information for teachers and home school families.  Includes such areas as African-American Studies, Latin American Studies, Primate Research, Human Evolution, Ancient History, Geology and more.


History isn't always pretty.  For help teaching your students about some of the uglier moments in human history, check out these top notch lesson plans and resources.   Facing Ourselves is a premier educational organization that aims to teach young people about the evils of prejudice, so that tomorrows leaders and citizens can make better choices.






Useful Links:




Becoming Human 

This website offers an online macromedia interactive documentary about the origins of humankind.  Also features related news stories an interactive learning center and lesson plans.

Discovering Archaeology

Discover new insights into the history of life on Earth -- including the latest findings about the development of human kind.


The Legacy of Louis Leakey

The discoveries of Mary and Louis Leakey provide the classic introduction to the study of archaeology.  And this page from NPR, National Public Radio, features an excellent overview of their work and that of their famous son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.   The fascinating text is also available in audio format, and is supplemented by additional audio clips of interviews with the Leakeys.  Best of all, it's all free and online!







Ancient China

Covering many different dynasties, this site offers information about inventions, daily life, religion, art, and architecture.  Includes projects and crafts for the student.  See also:

Lesson Plans


Ancient Egypt

Put together by Kid Info, this impressive site features a comprehensive listing of resources about ancient Egypt, including art, architecture, mummies, games, daily life and more. 

Even More About Egypt


Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is called "the birthplace of Western civilization".  About 2500 years ago, the Greeks created a way of life that other people admired and copied.  The Romans copied Greek art and Greek gods, for example. The Ancient Greeks tried out democracy, started the Olympic Games and left new ideas in science, art and philosophy (thinking about life).  READ MORE

More Links on Ancient Greece 


Ancient India

The Indus civilization, the Aryans, the Gupta Empire and more. 


Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Sumer, Babylon, Assyria for Kids and Teachers.





CIA World Fact Book

Flags of the world.  World History fact book. Maps.


Countries of The World

A great reference page, with links to information about a vast variety of countries.  Includes such information as country profiles, flags of different nations, holidays, maps, famous landmarks, plus virtual field trips.


History & Culture with National Geographic

Online resources from the name that's been teaching us about the world for over 100 years.  Indexes of people, cultures, and history.  Cultural and historical photos and more.  Don't miss Maps & Geography, their extra fun section for kids, plus homework help, parents guide, and teachers pages.


The History Net

Useful links and plenty of online information (mixed in with magazine promotions).


HyperHistory Online

over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history.  Includes important people, events, and maps.


Maps & Map Skills

A very helpful site for the study of Geography and map skills. 


Play GeoNet

Test your knowledge of geography (or fill in gaps in your knowledge) the fun way!  Animated and interactive.


Primary History

Ancient Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, the Indus Valley,  Children of Victorian Britain, famouse people, history timeline, and children of World War II.  Brought to you by the BBC.



Useless Facts

Weird and random facts culled from the pages of history.  A fun way to whet your curiosity about different times and cultures.


World History

A useful listing of sites about world history -- everything from the Ice Age to the Renaissance to the modern history of such nations as the U.S., China, England, Japan, South Africa, and more.  Includes information on the plague, the wonders of the world, and various historical leaders.


From Suite101.Com:

History Links





U.S. Mint for Kids 

This is where the U.S. government creates new coins and paper bills. Features games, cartoons, lesson plans.  Taken an animated Journey through the Time Machine to learn about U.S. history and the coins that commemorate it!


The White House for Kids

Learn about life in the White House, presidential pets, White House traditions, and more.  Features biographies and coloring pages about the U.S. Presidents as well as lesson plan information for teachers.


State Websites

A collection of official state websites with information, for kids, about each state in the union.


America's Story

Meet amazing Americans, jump back in time, explore the states,  and explore America's pastimes and entertainment.  Presented by the Library of Congress, this site has a wealth of information presented in concise snippets with additional stories and links to fill out the idea.  Makes it easier to grasp and remember the idea.  Today In History


Native Americans


Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

" Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal..." Read more

Declaration of Independence

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..." Read more










The Biographical Dictionary

Here's the place to look up that famous person you've always wondered about -- or to find out who the movers and shakers were in a particular year or profession.  Great for school reports!


Education Place

Features online mini biographies, fun eWord Games to test your social studies vocabulary, interactive maps, and more.   Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin.


Kidipede - History for Kids

"What do you want to know today?"  Features a broad range of information for kids on ancient civilizations around the globe.

Mr Don.Org

Resources for learning about history, world religions, and many other social science topics.






Social Studies for Kids  

This is a big, juicy site full of all kinds of information for kids!  Whether you're studying  geography, economics, cultures, ancient civilizations, or more than half a dozen other social studies topics, chances are... this site will have what you need.



Social Studies School Service

Much more exciting than the title indicates! A wealth of texts, videos, and maps are available for online purchase. Also contains links to sites with information about ancient history, art history, and the history of various ethnic, racial, and gender groupings.


The Smithsonian Institution

The home page of the National Museum of Natural History -- dedicated to understanding the natural world and our place in it.  Be sure to surf their What's New page for great listings to articles and websites with information on history, geology, nature, and more.  Truly top notch.




E.K. Pages With Related Information...


Holiday Fun & Learning -- Social Studies Sections

Browse our Holiday Fun & Learning pages for project ideas plus links to great online texts, games, and activities.  Each page has a special section for social studies.   Related holiday arts and crafts projects and more.

Soul Light Links (for kids)

Links to online spiritual texts, most adapted for children, representing most of the major world religions. Texts include the Bible, the Life of Buddha, The Koran, The Torah, and the Ramayana.

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