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Issues In Child Care
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Choosing a caregiver for your child is one of the most difficult choices parents face.  How do we know we can trust this person to keep our child safe, to act compassionately even when we are not there, and really be the honest, kind-hearted person they appear to be?  For that matter, how can we be sure this individual doesn't have a criminal record!

And beyond this, how do we know what kind of care giving environment is right for our child?  What kind of toys and outdoor play equipment are important, and safe?  How should the caregiver handle diapering, naps, and mealtimes in an environment with so many children?  And how many children can one caregiver safely take care of?

These are but a few of the questions that new parents, and even experienced parents, have.  Listed below you'll find a collection of resources to help you answer these questions.  We advise you to read them all, to get a sense of the different points of view that out there:  pediatric, state and federal government, experienced parent, and early childhood educator.   You'll find that each raises some good points, and each will give you great ideas of what to watch out for... and what questions to ask.

Don't miss our section on state regulations, so you can find out what mandatory regulations your caregiver should be in compliance with.

And above all, unless a trusted member of your family will be caring for you child, be sure your caregiver is licensed!   While it might be okay to have a neighbor girl watch your older kids while you run to the store (providing you have grilled her to make sure she understands the rules), you should never leave a preschool age child or infant with a childcare provider who has not been professionally trained in basic health, safety, and child development, including an early childhood education degree.



How To Choose A Caregiver


A Parent's Guide to Choosing Childcare


Characteristics Of A Great Baby Sitter


Before You Hire A Baby Sitter:  Things You Should Know


Finding a Preschool:  Questions to Ask


Parent Checklist For Childcare

What to check for when choosing a family daycare provider, . Sponsored by the Monday Morning Moms, a family daycare management service.




Child Care Finders


C.D.S.S. Facility Search

From the California Department of Social Services. Search for a variety of different kinds of care facilities, from daycare centers to large in-home family childcare providers to adoption agencies.



Trust Line

Initiated by the California State Legislature, this service is "the California registry of in-home child care providers who have passed a background screening. All caregivers listed with Trust Line have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice."



Licensing, Regulations & Safety Standards


State Regulations for Child Care Facilities

Provided by the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education.


Community Care Licensing -- California 

From the California Department of Social Services. This is a comprehensive website with everything from licensing forms [listed under "L Forms"], to information on "livescan" fingerprinting, care provider assistance programs and more.






The Child Care Debate --
Making It Okay To Drop Off Your Kids



Daycare -- How Is It Influencing the Teens of the Future?
By Linnaea Avenell.

Offers observations about what it's "really like" inside the walls of some childcare centers, and how children are being adversely affected by (avoidable) pitfalls in daycare settings. Includes tips on what to watch out for when choosing a daycare center (or other child care provider) for your child. Be informed!




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Child Care
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 Licensing, Regulations
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  The Child Care Debate

 Child Care Finders




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