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Understanding how the world around us works, knowing how to reason things out,  and understanding the methods and limits of scientific enquiry are a critically important part of any person's education.

Yet, despite the clamor by our legislators to help our school kids "keep up" with those in other nations or regions so that they can graduate high school and college ready to take their place in the high tech work force, the reality is that, all too often, good science curriculum is woefully lacking -- especially in elementary  and middle school.   Tragically, children with real scientific aptitude are left in limbo, floundering in boredom and apathy that eventually drains their overall academic achievement and potential.

As if to underscore this point, in May of 2003, Physics Today published an article announcing that none of the popular middle school science texts in use are adequate or even accurate (read, Middle-School Texts Don't Make the Grade) .  We must all speak out about this ridiculous state of affairs.   And we must all do what we can to make sure our children, especially those gifted in this subject area, receive the highest quality scientific instruction -- instruction that is age appropriate, accurate, and which relates scientific knowledge to real world issues and experiences and to the child's pre-existent interests.

To this end, we present the following resources...


Science Experiments
Free Science Videos

Great Books for Kids

 Online Educational Resources
Science Kits & Equipment


  Science Experiements



Here's a selection of great science experiment ideas, all of them totally free!   Excellent resource for your science fair project.ont>


Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects 

Great ideas for some dirt and plant based science!   Gives a brief explanation of how to go about each project.  You can get some library books and/or do web research to find out more about the principles behind the project.   From the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA.


All Science Fair Projects

Offers over 500 free science fair projects   Great projects like "Does Caffeine Raise a Person's Blood Pressure?"   An awesome resource with lots of different focus areas so your child is sure to find a project he or she connects with.


DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ

A cool experiment that uses simple and inexpensive items.  From the University of Utah.


Life Cycle of the Drosophila Fly

This exercise is designed to help students observe the life cycle of Drosophila. Students will learn how to manipulate a large numbers of flies, tell the difference between the sexes, and identify the different stages of the life cycle.   The intent of this activity is to give the students a fun experience working with the flies as they investigate a few factors that may affect their life span. At the end of  this activity, students  should be encouraged to design their own experiments to test other environmental variables that may affect the life cycle of the fruit fly.

Just don't turn any loose in the house or Mom will not be pleased. 


Hands-on  Science Projects 

Dozens of projects, in many different fields of science.  Best of all, this site also sells science tools to help your young scientist.  


Photosynthesis Experiments  

Ideas for fun and easy experiments about the process plants use to turn sunlight into energy.  Includes great links to help you learn more about photosynthesis.  From Arizona State University.

Science Fair Central 

From the Discovery Channel folks.  Lots of project ideas, plus information how to do a scientific research project


Science Fair Hair Projects  

Projects about hair loss, the strength of hair fibers,  and the effects of hair cosmetics.   From the European Hair Clinic


Science Fair Project Resource Guide  

Links to lots of great sites with easy ideas.

Science Project Encyclopedia

A very useful site, that can look a little confusing at first.  From its Table of Contents  you might want to click 512 Printable Science Project Abstracts.   These are then grouped into categories like botany and zoology.  You can click a category to see a list of project titles in that science category.  Then just click a title to read a brief description of a particular project.  It tells the hypothesis, the method used to test the hypothesis, and the conclusion.   Enough info to get you going on your own project!  


Steve Spengler's Science Experiments for Kids

Visit the ever-growing, ever-changing collection of Steve Spangler's favorite science experiments, recipes and cool science projects.  Plenty of free projects, like the Mentos Geyser (Diet Coke Eruption)



Fun Science Videos!


More science experiment fun!  b>Watch these fun science experiments and then try them at home for yourself.  Be sure to get your parent's permission first!


How To Pierce A Balloon Without It Popping

Learn about the density of polymers -- or just learn a great trick to amaze your friends at parties.



How To Suck An Egg Into A Bottle

The magic of air pressure, the role of oxygen in combustion, and the slippery flexibility of one of our most basic foods all work together in this classic experiment.


How To Put Out A Candle Without Blowing It

No not by pinching your wet fingers on the wick!  Think chemical reactions...



How To Clean A Penny

More chemical reactions, plus a handy way to make your money shine before taking it to the bank.




How To Make A Coin Spin Inside A Balloon

Now that your penny is shiny, use it for this simple science demonstration while you learn about centripetal force.



To Great Online Science Information!


101 Science.com

Great resource for science homework, school reports, or satisfying your curiosity about: Amateur Radio, Biology, Chemistry, Data Sheets, Electronics, Math, Microscopes, Photography, Physics, Radio Astronomy, Robots, and more!

Ask Dr. Universe

This is a fun site where kids can find answers to common questions of a scientific nature. (Example: How do bees communicate the location of food plants to others?  Why do we dream? How do mirrors work?) B) Best of all, visitors can submit their own question to Dr. Universe to answer.  Any burning questions out there?  Just ask Dr. Universe!

Bill Nye The Science Guy!

A very snazzy and informative web page featuring over 40 science experiments you can do at home (with great explanations of the principles behind each one), plus information about Bill, a schedule for his science show, and episode guides to the shows (great for teachers and homeschoolers). Also contains a large listing of outstanding, recommended books -- in a variety of scientific fields!

Chemistry Resources

A great listing of websites with facts and games to help kids learn chemistry!ont>


Earth Science Enterprise

NASA's Earth Science Page. Grades K-12. Land, Air, Water, People, and Natural Hazards.


Energy Quest

A very jazzy site by the California Energy Commission.  Read the Energy Story -- a great online text that explains what energy is, does, and where it comes from!  Also features games, downloadable books and online articles, science projects, the history of energy development, tips on saving energy, and biographies of scientists and engineers who have contributed to this area of science.  Lesson plans and online links.

seesee also....

Energy Ant -- From the E.I.A., this fun site is a nice introduction to concepts about energy. 

Electricity and Magnetismont>


Environmental Science

Earth's Kids own trove of resources and information on habitats, food chains, and ways to help the environment.  Check here for more great science equipment,  to explore the outdoors or harness the power of the sun.



The Homepage for the Exploratorium. A hands-on science museum for kids in San Francisco, California. Sports Science, the origins of Language, and much more. Check here for online activities and educational information, as well as updates on their latest exhibits.


Extreme Science

A great site to learn about time, space, weather, earth science, creatures, and geography.


Geology Links

Earthquakes, volcanoes, caves, minerals, landforms -- find out all about it through these links from Kid Info.  Great resource!


Hand Washing Science

View the germ cam, learn about deadly epidemics, and discover how many germs you usually leave behind when you wash!  Then learn how to keep yourself safe with the right technique!  Games, crafts, printables, and more. 


Homemade Science Toys

Easy and inexpensive enough that anyone can make them-- and they really work!  Great for learning more about basic physical principles.


How Stuff Works

A great place to look up all sorts of things!  Why does baking soda make a cake rise? How does email work?  What do you need to make a wave machine?  What causes a sun tan?  A tons more great stuff.  (An excellent resource for your school science project.)


Human Body

Fueled by Kid Info, here is a great listing of linked info on cells, muscles, digestion, and so much more. 

 For more body science links, books, and activities visit Earth's Kids' Your Body. .




Lawrence Hall of Science>


Mass Matter Atoms Molecules

A great resource for this subject area.  Lots of material suitable for 3rd - 6th grade.   Lesson plans too.

All about atoms

A LA Look Inside the Atom

Particle Adventure 


The Microbe Zoo

A useful site for anyone curious about bacteria and all the amazing jobs they carry out.  You may have known that we need bacteria to make yogurt, but did you know we need bacteria to make chocolate?  You may never look at germs the same way again!

NASA for Kids

Interesting and fun facts, contests, and activities from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.



OMSI Online
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Online science fun. Features... the Rat Cam, the Infrared Cam, and links to more online fun.


Physics, Treasure Trove of

Great place to look up definitions and explanations in the science of physics.

see also....

Fear of Physics

Learn physics the fun way -- through understanding roller coasters,  basketball jump shots, earthquakes, and other interesting real world stuff.


The Australian National Science and Technology Center -- for kids, and adults. Special section for teachers.



Science for kids from the U.S.D.A.  Emphasis on science issues related to agriculture -- biology, nutrition, environment, insects, etc.


Smithsonian Natural History Web

The highly interesting and educational home page for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Be sure to check out their Explore a Topic section for great online learning.


Tech Museum of Innovation



From the USGS, the expert on all the rumblings and tumblings of the Earth's crust.  Great articles on various facets of vulcanism -- including energy sources related to volcanoes.


Need even more science sites?   Check out Frank Potter's Science Gems -- an online listing that is truly vast.  Put on your cyber waders, set aside several hours (or days) and go exploring.  Don't miss his Great Science Discoveries of the 1990's.



700 Science





         Order the excellent science books from our affiliate, Amazon.com, or visit your local library!     

Use the inner scroll bar to see even more book selections!


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Snap Circuits Jr.
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Chemistry Lab Set
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Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit






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