American Patriotic Holidays

  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
    (July 4th)
  • Flag Day
  • Veteran's Day


President's Day 3rd Monday in February Alternate name for commemoration of the birthday of the first president of the United States of America, George Washington.
Memorial Day Last Monday in May Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday that honors American military service men  and women who gave their lives for their country.
Flag Day June 14th Celebrates the adoption of the flag of the United States -- on June 14th, 1777 -- by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.
Independence Day July 4th Celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 by the Second Continental Congress.
Veteran's Day November 11th A United States federal holiday honoring military veterans.





Browse Scholastic's archive of articles
 on the American Presidents, First Ladies, and the White House.  Includes:

Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

" Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal..."  Read more


Declaration of Independence

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..." Read more


Flag Day Short Stories for Kids Children's Flag Day Literature






Abraham Lincoln printable lined paper

George Washington printable lined paper




Money Math
Which presidents are on the different forms of U.S. money?  Practice your money skills while you figure it out.   Word problems, counting exercises and more.

Patriotic Math Sheets
Dozens of printable worksheets for grades 1-5.




How Stuff Works -- Fireworks
A very brief introduction to firecrackers, sparklers, and aerial fireworks.  Watch the video

The Science Behind Fireworks
Get into a little more depth about the chemical wizardry that makes them do what they do.

The History of Fireworks
Did you know that fireworks lacked color until the 19th century?  From it's invention by the Chinese up to more recent innovations, read the fascinating story of the development of this spectacular form of pyrotechnics.

Build Your Own Fireworks
Now that you know so much, are you ready for this challenge?   Brought to you by Wondergy, this site will also teach you more about how fireworks get their distinctive shapes and colors.



History/Social Studies

First Ladies of the United States

Another view into the history of the White House and the United States.

Myth and Truth: Independence Day

Most Americans think of the Fourth of July as Independence Day—but is it really the day the United States declared its independence? This lesson explores all the dates and stories associated with the Declaration of Independence, focusing on the reason there are so many different dates and signings of the document and why we celebrate the nation's birthday on July 4th rather than one of the other dates.  This lesson plan from Read:Write:Think pulls together reading, discussion, critical thinking, and writing.


World War II Remembered Online Activities
Grades 4–8
Witness an extraordinary time in history through the stories of people who lived it. Students will personalize their experience by creating timelines and interviewing their own relatives or community members.

U.S. Mint for Kids 

This is where the U.S. government creates new coins and paper bills. Features games, cartoons, lesson plans.  Taken an animated Journey through the Time Machine to learn about U.S. history and the coins that commemorate it!

The White House for Kids

Learn about life in the White House, presidential pets, White House traditions, and more.  Features biographies and coloring pages about the U.S. Presidents as well as lesson plan information for teachers.

America's Story

Meet amazing Americans, jump back in time, explore the states,  and explore America's pastimes and entertainment.  Presented by the Library of Congress, this site has a wealth of information presented in concise snippets with additional stories and links to fill out the idea.  Makes it easier to grasp and remember the idea.  Today In History

Coloring Pages -- U.S. History & Geography

This site features hundreds of beautiful coloring sheets with pictures of American presidents, government symbols, important women in U.S. history, and even geography.   (Note that many images do not have name headings explaining who they depict.  But if you click on the image the name will show up as part of the url in the web address field.)



Arts & Crafts


Paint a Patriotic Pebble

Here's a fun craft that's really easy -- if you don't worry about it looking "perfect".  Click the link above for full directions.  But if it seems too hard to paint your rock just like a flag, just create your simple own red, white, and blue design.


Easy Patriotic Wind Sock

All you need is an empty oatmeal carton, some red, white, and blue streamers, blue construction paper, and white paint.


Color Your Own Scratch Off Fireworks

You'll need crayons, washable black paint, heavy white or cream-colored paper (such as cardstock, watercolor paper, or tag board), and something to scratch the design with.  Click the link above for more instructions.


Make A Paper American Flag

Materials: small sheet of blue construction paper, 12" by 18" sheets of red and white construction paper, glue stick, scissors, star-shaped hole punch or small white star-shaped stickers, a ruler.

The U.S. flag has 6 white stripes, 7 red stripes, and of course 50 white stars on a blue background.  A small, star-shaped hole punch can press out the necessary stars, or you could try using small star-shaped stickers.    Now cut a square from blue construction paper; all sides of the square should be 5 inches long.  Apply the stars onto the square.  If you want your stars to be exactly like a real flag, divide them into nine horizontal rows of stars.  Or, just put them in however looks nice. 

Glue the blue square onto the upper left hand corner of a large (12" by 18") sheet of white construction paper.  Now use an extra large sheet of red construction paper to cut 7 red stripes.  3 of the red stripes should be full length (18").  But 4 of the stripes must be trimmed down to 13 inches long, so that they will fit on the paper next to the blue square. 

If you are wondering how wide (or high) to cut your red stripes, remember that the total number of stripes is 13.  And white paper (your flag) is 12"  wide (or high).   So basically you have to divide 12" into 13 equal parts.  In fractions that means each stripe must be 12/13 of an inch.  But don't worry! Just do your best to make your red stripes a little less than an inch thick, and then arrange them onto the white paper so they look pretty evenly spaced. 

Be sure to lay all your stripes out on top of the white paper and adjust their position before gluing them down.  Also, to get the order of the stripes correct, remember that there should be a red stripe at the top of the flag and a red stripe at the bottom of the flag.   Everything in place?  Great, now glue it all down with your glue stick.



Make Your Own (Made Up) Flag ...Online!

A fun online art activity and game.


Make Patriotic Streamer Wands (pdf)

Great for parades, or just for running or dancing with.  Just click the link above to download complete instructions.



Print Your Own 4th of July Coloring & Activity Book

Includes word searches, maps, & symbols.


More 4th of July Crafts from Kids Domain

Decorate your bike, make decorative "firecrackers", make decorative hair wear, and make seltzer rockets that really shoot off!

4th of July Crafts from Family Corner

Even more stuff to make for fun or decoration.  Includes 4th of July T-shirt decorating, make it yourself musical instruments, and blast-off "foamy" rockets.

Art Ideas from the Kids Art Map

Celebrate the 50 states!  Sample these art ideas from different parts of the United States.  Make a Texas rope doll, a Kwakiutl mask from the Pacific Northwest, or decorate a pot southwestern style.


Make a Patriotic Flower Arrangement

Many families will be making the journey this Memorial Day to lay flowers on the graves of loved ones who lost their lives in service to their country.   Whether this is true for your family or not, you may want to make a patriotic flower arrangement to honor the sacrifices of American service men and women.  For this craft you will need:  a container (such as a used butter or margarine tub), some dried or artificial flowers, some aluminum foil, some styrofoam or floral foam, a small U.S. flag, and perhaps a bit of red, white, and blue ribbon.  Cover the butter tub with the foil, pressing it over the edges and down inside (you will now have a silver tub).  Squeeze the styrofoam or floral foam down into the tub; you may need to cut it to fit. 

Now cut the stems of the flowers so that they are the depth of the butter tub, plus a few inches.  You may need to trim them a little extra to make a pretty arrangement.   Arrange the flowers in the tub, pushing the stems down into the foam.  Add the flag into the flower arrangement.  If you like you may tie a bit of ribbon around the tub also, securing it in place with glue.  You could also decorate the tub with glitter or red, white, and blue stickers. 

(Note: use only silk or plastic flowers if your flower pot will be left out in the rain or in damp weather. Also, many craft glues will not hold up to rain.) 



Patriotic Coloring Pages

Click the link, then select some pictures to print and color.


George Washington Color 1

·George Washington Color 2

·George Washington Color 3

·Abraham Lincoln Color 1

·Abraham Lincoln Color 2

·Abraham Lincoln Color 3




More Patriotic Fun & Learning


Great Sites for Presidents' Day
Great links from Scholastic.

President's Day Lesson Plans
From Teacher Planet.

4th of July Lesson Plans
From Teacher Planet.

July 4th Unit Theme/Lesson Plans
From EdHelper






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