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The Horse That Wouldn't Eat Latkes

A funny tale about a traveler, horse, and a favorite Jewish holiday food


Chanukah:  8 Nights, 8 Heroes

 Eight different stories of bravery, compassion, creativity, and determination to tell around the candles.  To share with older children.  





Hanukkah Word Searches & Crosswords

From Kaboose. 




Dramatic Play Fun for Hanukkah!
From the Fischer Price Little People
Fisher Price Little People Hanukkah Set
Fisher Price Little People Hanukkah Set

Little ones can create or re-enact Hanukkah memories with the Little People Hanukkah Play Set. This set includes characters, accessories and recognizable icons that your toddler will enjoy building stories around. There's a refrigerator and stove with doors that open, cookware with molded recognizable foods for this traditional meal, a hutch with silver coins and 8 presents, a Menorah that lights up and plays a traditional tune, a table with traditional dressing and 4 chairs, and 6 Little People figures - Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, baby girl and little brother. This set comes in a collectible gift box

KidKraft Chanukah Set
KidKraft Chanukah Set

Children will love this 22 piece set! Comes with menorah and nine removable colorful wooden candles, plus wooden dreidel, 6 wooden coins, 2 wooden potato latkes, and a spatula.  Multicultural fun for the preschool or childcare setting!   From KidKraft.


Songs & Fingerplays

Hanukah Action Rhymes & Fingerplays

Includes:  I'm a Little Dreidel, My Menorah, 10 Little Latkes, and more.    




Oh Hanukkah Song





Social Studies


Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights 

 The story of the origin, meaning, and history of Hanukkah.  Includes questions for discussion and comprehension and activity suggestions. ''


Nine Spoons

 A grandmother tells the story of the special menorah built when she was a child in a Nazi concentration camp.  Courage, friendship, and the challenges of daily life in the camp are touched on gently.  "It was our own special Hanukkah miracle.  For eight nights we lit the lights..."    Listen to the story read online and view the illustrations.   If you love it, purchase the print copy online.






How To Play the Dreidel Game

 What Hanukkah celebration would be complete without playing the dreidel game! 




How to Make Latkes





The Story of Hanukkah with Veronica Monica

 Sesame Street explains to young children how it all started. 







Hanukkah Crafts



Hanukkah Menorah Paper Craft

It won't be as lovely as the glowing lights of a real menorah, but it sure will be fun to make! Template may be printed in color or black & white.  For even more fun, trace template onto craft foam.  You can follow the pattern exactly or use it as inspiration for creating your own friendly menorah.  Tape up or hang it when your or done.  Or stick magnetic tape to the back and and display it on your refrigerator.  From DLTK.

paper menorah



Dreidel Refrigerator Magnets

dreidel refrigerator magnets

Make these refrigerator magnets to keep or give as gifts.  From Kaboose



paper dreidelPrint Out & Assemble Your Own Paper Dreidel

Try this craft with heavy weight paper, such as cardstock.  To learn about the symbols on the dreidel and how to play the game, click here.


Star Of David Template

From Enchanted Learning

Use for making all kinds of paper cuts, baker's clay ornaments, or even this Metal Star of David.




Make Your Own Clay Menorah


clay menorah


Animated Hanukkah Greeting Card

Download this file from Billy Bear 4 Kids and play with this cute animated cards.  Billy Bear says you can even copy them to disk and give them to friends. Be sure to check with a grown-up first!


Paper Star of David Card

A beautiful craft from Enchanted Learning.

star of david card

Pop Up Dreidel Card


Hanukkah Fuse Beads

fuse bead star of davidfuse bead star of davidfuse bead menorahfuse bead dreidel


Apple Cinnamon Ornament

These are a sweet-smelling ornament that adds the fragrance of apple pie to your house!  Hang it in the kitchen or dining room. 

To make:

1. Line a colander with heavy paper towels or cheesecloth and pour in a jar of applesauce. 
2 Let sit for one hour then remove drained applesauce to a mixing bowl. 
3. Add an equal portion of cinnamon (i.e. 1 cup sauce plus 1 cup cinnamon) and mix together to form a dough.   Note that Costco is good source for bulk spices, as are most Indian markets, and Smart & Final.
4. Roll the dough out on wax paper to -   inch thick. 
5. Form shapes by hand or use holiday cookie cutters, then use a straw to poke a hole in the top of each ornament for hanging later. 
6. Form shapes by hand or use holiday cookie cutters, then use a straw to poke a hole in the top of each ornament for hanging later. 
7. Let dry for several days in a warm location. 
8. When your ornament is completely dry, slip a ribbon or yarn through the hole and make a loop for hanging.


Make a Special Hanukkah Gingerbread House

  1. Pick up an inexpensive regular gingerbread kit at your local store.  If your store is sold out or you live in an area that does not carry them, you can use one of the links on the right to order one directly from Amazon.com.
  2. Follow the kit's package directions to assemble (and if needed, bake) the basic gingerbread house. 
  3. Pick up the following ingredients:
    • blue food coloring, if desired, to tint some of the icing

    • blue M&Ms, available at party stores

    • blue & white striped candy canes

    • blue sprinkles, available wherever cake decorating products are sold

    • icing ingredients, see recipe below (if your kit does not contain icing)

    • small plastic toy dreidel or menorrah

    • blue candles

    • chocolate Hanukkah coins, available at most party stores


  4. Use our gingerbread picture above as a guide to inspire your creation, but be sure to use your imagination as well and have fun!
  5. If you want a little tree like the evergreen in the picture,  try the Michael's craft store in your area.  They have lots of these in November and December.  And you may also find more Hanukah themed novelties there.


1 lb. powdered sugar
1 tsp. cream of tartar
3 egg whites

Beat all ingredients until very stiff. Use as glue for assembling house. Icing will harden as it sits out in the air.  Add a few drops of water as needed to restore pliability.  Note:  do NOT leave out the cream of tartar and eggs or you will end up with a brittle version that will not hold your gingerbread house together!


 Please note:  check your grocery store and local party store for all of the items above or surf Amazon.com and  Oriental Trading Company to order them.









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